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“Trust should be a halo on Kally’s head!”

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Kally has not only improved Phoebe as a pitcher, she created Phoebe the pitcher! Phoebe always had the drive, Kally brought that drive to life! She has improved her mind, body, spirit and soul!

Coach Kally has always been more than a coach for us and Phoebe. When Phoebe is down or hard on herself, Kally is the first to the pitcher Circle reminding her how strong she is, to remember her basics and dig deep! As a young girl, it’s hard to hear your parents try to pump you back up. A girl needs her role model, her teacher, to tell her.

Kally is that “go to” for Phoebe. She may be Coach Kally but she is FAMILY!

Trust should be a halo on Kally’s head! She has made Phoebe’s dream a reality! In the past 7 years, never once did I question how Kally was coaching Phoebe.

Trust creates a bond and this bond is UNBREAKABLE!


- Karissa Talley, parent (Phoebe’s mom)

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