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How are you showing up in between Games?

This is such a vast question!

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Did you know that when you practice that practice or lack of practice shows up in your game?

So, I want to ask you a question are you showing up on game day READY to truly embrace the trust you have built in your training or are you showing up running on pure EGO thinking you got this knowing deep down you didn't put the work in.

Hence the difference between being Cocky vs Confident.

Trust your training!

Just like studying for a test, if you don't study...well you aren't going to do a very good job.

Little example: Think back when you were doing good in liked it more.

But when you chose not to put the work in your studies or carve out the time to study, you started to NOT like school.


When you don't put the practice in a specific position of something you have to do...

A crazy thing starts to happen when you don't work on something...

Well actually 3 things start to happen.

  1. You start to not like it anymore.

  2. You blame your lack of doing the work on something or someone else.

  3. You want to quit with no REAL effort.

When was the last time you were held accountable by someone else than your parents?

Did you know that being held accountable is a choice?

My question here is, if you know at the end of allowing yourself to be held accountable that there is GREATNESS there why would not choose that?

Well for starters, it's hard and remember your brains NUMBER ONE job is to protect you.

So, in a way you start to psych yourself out of reaching your GREATNESS...all because it gets hard!??

You can do hard things!

PITCHERS...ATHLETES!! If you are not putting in the work on your craft you will fail in protecting your love, peace and joy!


BIG PICTURE aspect of not allowing yourself to be held accountable to reach your GREATNESS and create power pockets in your schedule, unfortunately this "problem" will follow you into the next situation and when things get start to not like it anymore, you will blame your lack of doing the work on something or someone else and you will want to quit...again.

Do you see how this becomes a vicious cycle?

Crazy thing day softball will be over, and you will have a higher chance of treating your adult life, career and relationships...etc. just like you treated your pitching practice.

Never giving your best effort.

Never knowing what it truly means to give EVERYTHING you have to accomplish something and come to the realization that it's time to move on...but this time you put a period on it. Walking away with zero regrets.


So, as I started this blog with a couple questions, I will end with one.

When was the last time you walked away from something with zero regrets, no blame game?

If you were able to walk away with zero regrets, not blaming anyone, or situations for your choice to be done...then you will see that the problem you once had over and over again has resolved itself and now you don't have to keep working through the same ol story. Welcome to you stepping into your GREATNESS!!!

This is YOU choosing to GROW!

This is YOU choosing to be a HIGH ACCOUNTABLE!


Coach, Parent and Athlete: If you would like more insight and support on how your personal life and how you spend your time there can either help or destroy your success journey, I want to invite you to listen, like, follow and share my latest episode,

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As always, thank you for being a part of the BIG Picture here at KVS LLC!

Take Care and God Bless!

Coach Kally V.

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