Hi I'm Kally,

About Coach Kally Vander Valk

Kally Vander Valk is a highly respected and sought-after Private Pitching Coach in the Phoeinix area as well as the current Pitching Coach for South Mountain Community College. Kally has 23 years experience as a Pitching Coach, and played softball competitively at the collegiate level, earning a Full Athletic Scholarship to Seward County Community College in the Jayhawk Region. Kally combines her Coaching knowledge with an in-depth background in ultrasound medical technology, to give her students precise information about how to prevent injuries and develop remarkable resilience. Kally has a proven track-record for dramatically improving the pitching power, velocity, spin and accuracy of all the students she coaches. Students often say that Kally is the most invested and caring mentor they’ve ever met -- and that the confidence they receive from working with her is life-changing. 

Kally only takes new students by application. If you’d like to work with Kally, please contact her here. Kally would love to hear from you! 


My Mission

Hi I’m Coach Kally Vander Valk, and I feel called to help young pitchers find their greatness – on and off the mound.  It wouldn’t be fair to say that Coaching is just a job to me. It feels much more like my purpose. I do believe that God has given us ALL a purpose, and I have been lucky to find mine as a Coach. Being a mentor to dedicated young athletes is such an honor and privilege to me. I love this work so much, and I don’t see my students so much as clients, but more like family.  

What I say to my students all the time is: I BELIEVE IN YOU. 



My mission is to help you reach your full potential as a pitcher. I can show you how to throw strikes, and pitch with more speed, power and accuracy than you ever dreamed possible. 


But I also want you to develop confidence in yourself as a person that you will take with you for the rest of your life – on and off the mound!  


My Story and Background

Growing up, Softball was the place where I found my own strength.  


I started softball at the young age of 4 years-old and grew to love the game more than I could have ever imagined. To me, softball was a place where I had fun with my friends, where I got to eat a meatball sub before pitching double headers --  and I got to run fast, scream, yell, and laugh full out! 


But Softball was also an important place to me because it was one of the only places where I felt truly safe in the world. I grew up in a household full of domestic violence and near daily abuse. And the one constant I had in my life was my Softball practice. 


Thank God for Softball. When life was trying to beat me down, Softball was the place that lifted me up. Softball taught me how strong I was. 

Softball Practice taught me how to VALUE myself. 


I have not forgotten what this game meant to “young me.” And so that’s why I’m so committed to my role as a mentor --  because I KNOW it has the power to change lives. 


I can tell you from first-hand experience – the confidence you build here, you will take with you for the rest of your life! And you will apply it to EVERY avenue of your life! 

I know the GRIT and GRACE it takes to play Softball at the competitive College Level.

I played Softball all throughout my childhood, became an MVP in High-School, I made First Team All Region, made the State All Star Team as well, took 3rd at 3A State in Kansas, began Coaching Little League and even took on my first Private Coaching students in my senior year of High School. 


I then earned a Full Athletic Scholarship to Seward County College in The Jayhawk Region. 


In my freshman year of college, I played on a travel Softball team and was asked to be the pitching coach for the team as well.In my sophomore year of College I was voted as one of the NJCAA Top Returning Athletes.


In a very surprising twist of fate I was diagnosed with a rare genetic bleeding disorder after my sophomore year of college, but as so happens in life, there was a silver lining in that experience that led me to find my calling as a Coach and Mentor for aspiring young athletes like you. 

Today I have over 23 years experience as a Pitching Coach, and I also know the real nitty, gritty stuff about what it takes to play at a competitive, elite level -- because that has been my life.


Kally is so in tune with her players and I believe that’s from being an elite player herself… 


We started with Coach Kally in the late summer of 2019 and have been working with her on a weekly basis ever since. Kally understood the role my daughter played on her team and where she was at in her evolution as a pitcher. 

Kally believed in her and she was able to pull greatness out of her in many different areas that go beyond pitching a ball. 

- John Kennelly, parent

If your dream is to play at the Collegiate Level or Pro Level  – or simply want to play your best RIGHT NOW – I’m here to help you. 


I LOVE Coaching. I Coached for the first time when I only 18 years old-- I coached both Little League and took on private students. My first private coaching student was 12. (I actually still know her to this day -- she’s like family to me). 


Since I was a senior in HighSchool  I’ve had a calling -- and some would say a gift -- for being able to see the greatness in young athletes, and draw it out of them. 


My Coaching is so comprehensive – you’re not going to have to do confusing guesswork about how to improve your game.  


I’m going to walk you through everything you need to get strong, inside and out. Some coaches think that becoming an elite athlete is just about technical, physical training. This is not true. 


GREAT Coaching should always be COMPREHENSIVE.

That’s WHY I work with my players on FIVE levels of health: 


1) Physical Health (Aka Technical Training) 

2) Emotional Health

3) Mental Health

4) Nutritional Health 

5) Spiritual Health 


When I work with a student, I mentor them in developing ALL these aspects of themselves as a person. And it pays off in big ways over time. 

Kally has taught me that as an effective pitcher, it is not just about how well you can deliver a pitch. There are many other important things to work on. You must learn about your physical health, mental focus, how to be a teammate, and many other strategies of a game. 

Her insight into all of these things has helped me way beyond the circle, it has been applied in many levels of my life. 

- Gianna, student, age 15


My Faith is what guides me every single day.

I believe that God gave me – and gave us ALL – a purpose. And this faith is what guides me every day. 


Every player needs to find their own personal faith. As I say to my players: I won’t tell you what that faith is, but you need to have one. You need to know there is a higher power that has your back at all times. This will change how you play, and how you live your life. 

My favorite motto is:


So much of this game comes down to confidence. It comes down to OWNING what you were put on this earth to do. I believe you’re here to do great things!


If you’re looking for someone to help you step into your greatness, you’ve come to the right place.  I’m behind you 100%!


A few fun things

I LOVE to sing. 

So you’re probably going to hear me sing on the mound. My students are usually shocked at first that I can sing...and then they come to expect it at least once in a session! If we train together you might hear me belt out the National Anthem or an Adele song. I’m a strong believer in having fun, even when you’re training hard. What do YOU love to sing?


Kally has not only improved Phoebe as a pitcher, she created Phoebe the pitcher! Phoebe always had the drive, Kally brought that drive to life! She has Improved her mind, body, spirit and soul!


Coach Kally has always been more than a coach for us and Phoebe. When Phoebe is down or hard on herself, Kally is the first to the pitcher Circle reminding her how strong she is, to remember her basics and dig deep! As a young girl, it’s hard to hear your parents try to pump you back up. A girl needs her role model, her teacher, to tell her.


Kally is that “go to” for Phoebe. She may be Coach Kally but she is FAMILY!


Trust should be a halo on Kally’s head! She has made Phoebe’s dream a reality! In the past 7 years, never once did I question how Kally was coaching Phoebe. 

Trust creates a bond and this bond is UNBREAKABLE!



 - Karissa Talley, parent