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🚨ADVERSITY: it’s a tool to build your foundation with!

✅Decide what is going to separate you from everyone else #workethic


🧐what are you doing everyday that is stacking up to reaching YOU reaching your success?

🧐are you saying/thinking “you have too OR you get too?”

🧐are you constantly saying “why me?”

🧐in three seconds say out loud 1 thing you are seen and known for…3..2..1!

➡️Now, is that one this you are known for good or bad?

Positive or negative?

Does it add value or suck the life out of the situation?

💥As an athlete you should ALWAYS want and work to get 1% better.

💥You should always be ready to re-frame adversity so you can move through it more smooth and walk away with even MORE GRIT for the next time you face adversity…because you most definitely will!

🧐So what are you doing right now as an athlete?

At any level of competition??

Are you➡️Complaining



➡️The choice is yours complain and remain the same or have the discipline and the courage to RE-FRAME and LEVEL up your GAME!?!

❤️🥎❤️Coach Kally V.

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