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Coordinated Coaching: Being Disciplined

When was the last time you as the coach did something for YOU and your goals? No really I am asking you, the servant, the giver of the BIG Picture of others to search your heart and ask yourself this question.

Is this hard for you to answer? If so, why? If not then I encourage you to inspire other coaches around you to "fill their cup" too.

Ah, now I got your attention! What does "fill your cup" actually mean? Lets keep it simple with a couple key questions to hold yourself accountable to YOURself.

  1. What does your morning routine look like?

  2. Are you connecting daily to your Faith, your WHY, your BURN?

  3. How are you adding value to yourself: Example what are you watching, reading, listening to and what conversations are you allowing yourself to be a part of?

Now I'm going to share with you my morning routine not out of neaner-neaner look at me but out of pure love in hopes that maybe YOU need to hear/read this inorder to help you identify the things that YOU need to do in order to "fill your cup" the things you need to do to BE DISCIPLINED. In order for you to OWN your position as a Coach!

Morning Routine:

Lets be honest, right now if I told you I woke up super early every morning and early being 345-4am I would be lying to myself. Truth is I just started doing this again. There for about 3 months I knew I needed to sleep a little longer and allow my heart and my mind to grasp the new environment I was in. I used to do that up until about the end of May. My life had a different beat at that time. This past year my family, my #teamv we all grew stronger together through a situation that seemed small from others perspectives that only looked as far as their hand infront of their face...((((not big picture thinking at all))) but had an enormous amount of collateral damage. It all was a BLESSING because through my faith, through my family's faith in God we knew that we all were being asking to follow him even more, to lean into who he has called each one of us to much that the trial that we went through has been one of our biggest TRIUMPHS as a family as a team to this day! We often get asked if we hate those who caused so much strife and pain in our lives but to be honest (speaking for myself) I am good with it. See it made me see who was for us and who was against us. Literally the relationships that have came through even stronger through this have impacted my 41 year old self in such a away that I know exactly who my people are and I absolutely refuse to accept anything less than the friendships I have now. Now that discipline. Come on, we have all been there where we for some reason we allow ourselves to be a part of toxic friendships and honestly its just because we haven't figured out how to tap into our own strengths. I know for a fact people thrive off of others weaknesses so much that they literally bully people low key into thinking they are not worth anything.

>>>Back to that morning routine I was going to share with you....but I had to share this part with you because through this I allowed myself #gracespace ya know space to grow and be okay with having a different beat in order to find my feet again.

So what do my mourning routines look like now. I would say 5 days out of the week I do rise early and this week I am getting up EARLY again so I can get an extra 2-3 hours again in the day. I go grab a cup of coffee already made from my nightly routine (that's another topic). I then walk back upstairs with my coffee and turn my back massager on in my office chair and begin my quiet time, my daily devotion. It is here I connect to God with ZERO interruptions, it is there I put my daily armor on. Once I am done I reward myself with my discipline of staying in the zone in my quiet time with God by taking a picture of a verse that spoke to me and share it on my IG and FB story.

Next part of my morning is checking emails and text and PRIORITIZING them. If they are a current client/athlete of mine I answer back. The others wait until after my workout because they will literally be right there, they aren't' going anywhere. Then I tap into the adulting side and read emails that have to do with other logistics.

Now its GRIND time! Yup, its time to workout and get my daily dose of endorphins in. During this time I connect emotionally to my workouts by listening to moving music or a really good podcast. Sometimes I workout at the gym and sometimes I workout at home. After my workouts it is go time for my family. Getting kiddos around and taken to school. My husband and I divide and conquer on this and sometimes he takes the kids to school so I can lean into my momentum in the morning!

For example last week in one day I was able to draft and complete pitching specific conditioning drills for my College Pitchers at South Mountain Community College for 4 weeks! Now that's what I call in the zone.

Throughout the day: I typically will throw mild house work into my daily routine and leave Thursday or Friday for cleaning rugs day and mopping day. Another thing that helps me is to food prep, this way the food is ready and the choice has always been made so I can "get" back into the zone.

From there I will shower quickly and get ready for the day about 1 hour before I have to go get my daughter from school. Then the next part of my day rolls out.

Afternoon: From school it is coaching pitching lessons and then getting my daughter to her softball practice and coaching there. Onward to home and dinner with the fam as best we can. With my husband being a High School Baseball Coach and both of our boys playing baseball and other activities it can get tricky. Hence why over the years I have learned to accept that I can only do as much as I can do and if that means my husband or the kids cook dinner so be it...better yet we order out! This right there is what I call choosing your hard.

Evening: With my new/old morning routine of waking up earlier I try my hardest to get to bed by 9pm. My husband does his best to hold me accountable to this too. I have learned to shut my ringer on my phone off and put my phone in the bathroom. This way I can not get dragged into yet another text conversation that lasts forever let alone making someone's emergency, my problem. Hey I'm a fixer, I know my weaknesses really good. So good that I have to separate myself from any invitations to be pulled into taking me away from what I need to do for myself in order to show up, in order for me to connect to my why and my daily burn!

In closing, it is with great hope that you are able to pull one thing of construction out of this share in hopes that you are able to build a better morning for yourself. In hopes that you are able to identify what separates you from the norm and allows you to capitalize on what makes you so unique as a coach! I'm telling you right now, the moment you are able to identify your greatness BIG things start to happen not only to yourself but anyone that is connected to you!

***For your review purposes when you are ready to start OWNING your position as a Coach:

  1. What does your morning routine look like?

  2. Are you connecting daily to your Faith, your WHY, your BURN?

  3. How are you adding value to yourself: Example what are you watching, reading, listening to and what conversations are you allowing yourself to be a part of?

For more tips or for more support on the power of being a coach and owning that opportunity please feel free to subscribe to my Podcast, The Kally V. Podcast as well as ANY of my social platforms located at the end of my website home page!

Thank you for reading this and THANK YOU for stepping into your GREATNESS as a Coach!

God Bless You!

<3 Coach Kally V.

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