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December Pitching Clinics!

Please check out this digital flyer for the specific details then for more info scroll down.

You may be wondering what this pitching clinic is all about?

First and foremost, it is about getting NEW and up to date information out to the PITCHER community, continuing to teach the VALUE of Correct Consistency as well as continuing to educate pitchers on arm health and safety.

In my Beginners clinic I will be educating as well as showing each pitcher proper sequencing (anatomy) of the pitch. This is something that as a Coach of almost 24 years I thrive on and love to teach! It is here where pitchers build the foundation to their pitching "house."

In my Experienced clinic I will be focusing on what the pitchers are doing correctly but also focusing on the small things being done incorrectly and applying small do-able adjustments. This shows each pitcher that when she does the small things correctly over and over again the BOG things show up right on time with longevity and health in their pitching!

I also will be sharing with each clinic little nugget's along the way like the physical and mental side of the game, along with the emotional side of the game.

You read that CORRECT too, when you (as the parent) or your daughter (as the pitcher) commit to attending my clinic all four days you not only get a discounted rate but she will also receive


If you have any questions, please feel free to subscribe to my website and ask away!

Thank you and have a BLESSED time of year!

Coach Kally V.

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