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Happy Mother's Day Special!

Yes, you are reading this correctly!

In honor of Mother's Day PLUS the fact that my mom was my first softball coach

I thought this would be fitting for today!

Use this code MOTHERSDAY50 at checkout!


This offer will last for 3 days, today 5/11/24, Mother's Day 5/12/24 and Monday 5/13/24!

The last time I offered this sale was Black Friday!

Lifetime access!

Don't miss out on an opportunity to learn alongside your daughter!

"One of my greatest joys as a mom is getting to help my daughter in her pitching journey."

With 14 videos, Q&A after each one, this course is specifically designed to help you learn as your daughter learns how to build a solid foundation in her pitch.

Filled with fundamental healthy movement patterns that will help her go as she grows into the pitcher; she dreams of becoming one day!

One pitch at a time! #opaat

I hope you all have a wonderful

Mother's Day!


Coach Kally V and Team V.

(Below: One of my favorite photos of my family and I had taken a couple years back as we were all at different fields, playing and coaching and then came together to watch the BIG who is now a sophomore in college playing baseball, play his last game with one of this travel teams)

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