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“Kally is not only my daughter’s coach, she’s her mentor.”

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

We started with Coach Kally in the late summer of 2019 and have been working with her on a weekly basis ever sense. Kally understood the role my daughter played on her team and where she was at in her evolution as a pitcher. She believed in her and she was able to pull greatness out of her in many different areas that go beyond pitching a ball.

She is so in tune with her players and I believe that’s from being an elite player herself.

My daughter has high athletic capabilities, but her mindset was holding her back from being great. This is what makes Kally so special as a coach. It’s not just the skill sets that she’s teaching, she works on the mindset of what it takes to be a great pitcher.

Kally is really good at challenging you and pushing you to your limits both physically and mentally, but in an inspiring and healthy way, so when you’re on the mound, you’re prepared for whatever the situation brings.

My daughter not only has 5 pitches to choose from, she knows how to hit spots, why to hit spots and what pitches to throw in certain situations.

Kally is not only my daughters coach, she’s her mentor. She has the ability to speak into her and

guide her on her journey of becoming a great student athlete.

If you are serious about investing into your daughters pitching and getting the results you want, I highly recommend working with Coach Kally.

-John Kennelly

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