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Kally V. Softball March Menu

March is always a BIG month, not just because there are 31 days, but it is my birthday month as well as my oldest son who will be 18 years old!! (I'm about to be a mom to a "legal" adult!)

Who else shares this month with me in your birthday month??

March also holds "Spring Break" and some of you go on a vacation or play in a softball tournament.

On top of all of that it also includes 3 dates for my Pop-Up Pitching clinics, 2 Spots are available in my weekly Beginner Small Group Training, 2 spots are available in my Experienced Pitchers Small Group Training as well as 3 Spots available to THREE pitchers that want to level up in my Evaluation Course.

I invite you to scroll down to read each option to see which one is the BEST fit for you or your daughter to continue building a better pitch from the ground up!

First Item on the Menu for March: POP-UP Pitching Clinics!

>>> My Pop-Up Pitching Clinics are available to EVERY LEVEL!

Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced!

*March 5, March 12 and March 26, 2022 ((ALL SATURDAYS!))

*@ The AZ Batting Club (formerly Extra Innings East Valley)


Second Item on the Menu for March: Kally V. Evaluation Course

>>>Evaluation Courses are OPEN for 3 Pitchers this month!

This is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for Current High School Pitchers!



Current Highschool Pitchers cannot attend "Group Sessions" due to AIA Rules.

See below.

Per the AIA Website:

"AIA Bylaws; Article 14. General Provisions 2021-2022"

>>> feel free to google it<<<

THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY for the HIGH SCHOOL Pitchers to enroll in my Evaluation Course.

🚨CALLING🥎Intermediate-Experienced PITCHERS!🚨 Yes even High School pitchers (beings that it is season) keep reading this! 👉Are you struggling with confidence? 👉Are you struggling with consistency? 👉Do you feel like something is off in your mechanics but you can’t catch it? 👉Do you constantly find yourself doing the same thing and expecting a different result? 👉Do you need instant feedback!?! 👉Do you need another set of eyes on your pitch? 🚨Now is your opportunity to own and book your Spot in my Evaluation Course with me!

A Pitching Coach of 24 years at all levels of softball, Coach Kally V! I firmly believe that with my specific attention to the VALUABLE normal and healthy mechanics, ADJUSTMENTS individually designed for each pitcher, progression focused training package matched with accountability you will find the glitch and build your pitch like never before! AGAIN, this month I’m looking for 3 pitchers who want to LEVEL UP AND COMMIT TO THE PROCESS, to their progression in their process (no one else’s!) 🚨Spots are EXTREMELY LIMITED, Due to my monthly training schedule as a full time pitching Coach and my personal schedule.


REMEMBER.... 🚨HIGH SCHOOL 🥎STUDENTS WHO ARE PLAYING SOFTBALL ARE WELCOME TO DO THIS! Believe me I stick to AIA RULES!! (See the above for the documented)

Side note: I’m married to a HS baseball Coach! So, I get it, plus having coached at the HS level I got your back!

This is a great way to make small adjustments that will lead to long term success! So to the Pitcher that wants to get better?

Are you ready to fix the glitch in your pitch?!??

It’s Corny I Know😂😂😂but it’s a fact that one glitch in your pitch can rob you of confidence, consistency, passion, desire and the physical ability to throw healthy. Book your call with me Coach Kally V in the link above in my bio. Or directly contact me at +14802720743 to set it up! 🚨Remember I am looking for 3 pitchers that are ready to commit to the process! Are you that pitcher?

Third item on the Menu: Kally V. Small Group Pitching Training

>>>My Small Group Training!! NO MORE THAN 4 PITCHERS PER GROUP (Spots are limited)


Right now I have 2 spots available for the BEGINNER pitcher for my Beginner Specific Small Group Training on Thursday Evenings from 7:00p-9:00pm @ The AZ Batting Club.

I also have 2 spots AVAILABLE for the Intermediate to Experienced Pitcher for my Small Group Training Sessions on Tuesday and Friday Evening from 7:00p-9:00pm @ The AZ Batting Club.

For more information on how your daughter can work with me, Coach Kally V.

Please sign up in my website under the "contact " location or contact me directly @ 4802720743

I take ownership in continuing my growth in teaching female athlete Pitchers how to take ownership in their process. I stay current to pitching rule changes and am a member of the NFCA (National Fastpitch Coaches Association) I attend conferences, other trainings and am a part of a great pitching coaches' community that is full of pitching coaches that share one do what it takes to help a pitcher reach their goals, knowing we can only give them the tools to build a better pitch (what they do with those tools is on them)

In the past 24 years of being a Pitching Coach I do this to keep my tool belt full of the knowledge that each pitcher needs to build a better pitch! Not one pitcher is the same, physically, mentally and emotionally.

In doing what needs to be done to make sure the small things are addressed correctly so the BIG things can happen right on time.

From helping a pitcher at any level by giving them the tools to understand the why behind the adjustment, to repeating the healthy move so that she feels when she is pitching unhealthy.

What they do with those tools is up to them.

It is my goal with every pitcher who chooses to work with me as I choose to work with them:

To help them own their strength while feeding their greatness through (specific drills) mechanical homework, #mentalmadness Journal assignments, Video breakdown (audio and visual) and discussing the 2 biggest things in their lives to recover correctly.

By doing this I train my pitchers to OWN their process on and off the mound! #ownit

Feel free to browse the Testimonial Page in my website.

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