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On the Road with KVS plus MORE

I hope you all are having a great week so far! I am getting back to my beat from my trip out to Oregon to see my oldest son in his sophomore year of college and also watch him play college baseball on top of training a pitcher who lived an hour away in my Intensive Training Course!

Let's just say my son was happy to see me but even more surprised that I brought his little sister and his Nani

(he had no clue) they would be there too...BEST Surprise ever!

We were hearty Southwest meal and make my homemade chocolate chip cookies for the boys too!


I was also able to work with a pitcher out there that I had met back in February at a tournament here in AZ. At that time she was playing for a different team. The coolest thing happened I was talking with some of my good friends going back and fourth watching my daughter on one field and watching their daughter on another field, a lady approached me and asked are you Coach Kally V, the Kally V?

I said "Hi, he's that's me"! From there I met her daughter and turned out that they live in Oregon, 1 hour from where my son goes to school and they had been following my IG as well as the mother and I had talked a couple times via IG, once she said her name I knew who she was.

They both expressed they wanted me to work with B.

Thats when I was like, my son plays out in Oregon...and well it all worked out!

Not only was able to see my BIG E but also, I was able to work with her!

Brezlyn did an amazing job during her training with me and said, "In the time that we worked together it was the most she had learned and understood in a pitching session."

We worked together for 2 hours. WOW, God is soooo cool!

<<Here is a pic of when we met in Mesa, AZ for the first time.


Above is a pic of she and I at the end of her Intensive Training Session in Roseburg, OR.


What a wonderful experience over all to say the least. Not only getting to see my oldest son when I didn't think I was going to be able to make it out there at all, getting to take my daughter (and her first plane ride) my mom AND do what I love to do as a Fastpitch Pitching Coach all in the same moment...GOD is so good he even gave me confirmation in the wee hour of 4:00am as we were walking to our gate in the airport, I hear this "Hey Coach!"

Not thinking anyone was talking to me, I look where it came from and am shocked to see one of my former pitchers who went all in on her basketball dreams and is absolutely killing it!

Now a sophomore in HS, she was flying out to play in Philly with her travel basketball team!

Seeing her, I knew I was exactly where God wanted me to be!


Right now I am booking Intensive Training sessions for pitchers. If you are interested in what this looks like let alone what it looks like to train with me Coach Kally V, please book your FREE Game Plan Call HERE!


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Have a blessed Day!

Keep OWNING IT One pitch at a time! #opaat

Coach Kally V.

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