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OPEN ENROLLEMENT: Coach Kally V's Pitching Evaluation Course


Parents is your daughter SERIOUS about pitching?

Are you SERIOUS about pitching?



for my PRIVATE 1:1

Pitching Evaluation Course!

⚫️ What do you get?

⚡️4 consecutive lessons

⚡️60 minute each sessions

⚫️ DURING this commitment, you receive:

⚡️Strengths identified✅

⚡️Mechanical breakdowns identified✅

⚡️Healthy movement with specific drills given weekly✅

⚡️Onsite feedback with video breakdown✅

⚡️Weekly homework: Drills and journal assignments given✅

⚡️Before and After breakdown✅

In order to QUALIFY For this amazing opportunity you…

🔵 Must be 13-18 years old

🔵 At least 2 years experience of pitching

🔵 Must have a catcher

👉This is an amazing opportunity to have another set of eyes on your pitching mechanics and HEALTH of your movement to prolong your pitching career and health as an athlete!

🙌PLUS, once you complete this course you have a chance to work with me ONE on ONE in my other Private Pitching Packages at a discounted rate!

👉If this is something you as a pitcher are interested in lets talk!

👉If you are the parent of a pitcher and you are interested in this for your daughter, lets talk!

Sign up at to book your

FREE "game plan call"

💥Lets do this!

🙌I am looking forward to talking to you and helping you and/or your daughter OWN IT!

❤️🥎❤️Coach Kally V.

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