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The Brain to Body Connection #mentalmadness

As a pitcher, heck as a human being we have a ton of things constantly churning in our heads.

As an athlete we tend to get stuck on the things that could go wrong.

If you follow me at all, see my social content, read my blogs, listen to my podcasts, heck maybe you are one of my athletes, you know that I put it out there from a great WORLD CLASS LEADER, Simon Sinek that our brains cannot process negativity.

Who remembers my blog about, Simon Sinek his study of the brain not being able to process negativity?

"Don't think about an elephant." You just thought about an elephant didn't you?

Here is the link to watch this again! >>>

"If you focus on the obstacles all you will see is the obstacles." -Simon Sinek

Key point here is I started with "don't," this is negative. The moment we as pitchers start thinking, don't hit her, don't walk her, don't throw a meat ball....guess what....all of the above happens. We get stuck on it and because we allowed ourselves to think it, to envision it...we chose our outcome in that moment.

SO much so that at times we get stuck on one of them and we can't even fathom getting past it.

Well how can we get out of this way of thinking, this mental loop that we keep allowing ourselves to keep believing every time we are faced with adversity in a sport that we love to play?

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Lets keep things SIMPLE here and focus on our brain and the ability to CHOOSE your success. I know it is nuts to even think that but again, lets keep it simple.

Years ago before visualization of your success was trending, there was a lady who would always tell me to "see it little bit." That lady was and is my mom and she was my first coach up until 12 years of age. She managed to say that phrase even while watching me play college softball right behind the ump. What the heck does this even "see it little bit?"

**KEEP IT SIMPLE** exactly what it says!

That above, those three words "keep it simple" are the key to allowing yourself to connect your brain to your body. The moment you allow the obstacles to come in, you literally start to weigh yourself down and block the connection. Example: I would like a glass of water, what do I need to get that glass of water? Simple, walk to the cabinet get a glass out and fill my glass with water.

Obstacle way of thinking, what if I can't reach the glasses, what is I fall, what if I drop the glass and it breaks? (((STOP IT!!!!!))) no more! What if I's are NOT allowed to enter your beautiful brain my friends! Have you not gotten a glass of water successfully over and over again? So why are you allowing all of the "what ifs" to make you think you are anything less than what you truly are? You are fully capable of getting a glass of water just like you are fully capable of throwing a pitch to get the last out!

Now I got you revved up and ready to learn how you can access your inner SUPER HERO!

Lets go!

Have you ever heard of the book

"How Do You Eat an Elephant? One Bite at a Time!"

By: Bill Hogan

>>>Here is a little video clip on the break down of what exactly this phrase means.

By the way you are correct you read that or heard that right....

how do you eat an bite at a time.

This is where you have to start your mental prep to BULK your MENTAL MUSCLE.

Just like in pitching it is one pitch at a time, same think though at a time.

>>>side note here: I am not sponsored by anyone of the authors, leaders or youtubers I simply see value, have implemented it into my own life and I and I want to continue that share through my platform.

So lets talk about visualization or envisioning the play, the game....heck maybe even how our practice is going to go.

To get started I encourage you to watch or listen this 5 minute clip below.

>>>A short clip about visualization techniques by some of out top world class athletes.

Copy and paste this link to watch:

Okay now that I have your attention...