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The Kally V. Podcast: Owning Your Opportunity

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The Kally V. Podcast: Owning Your Opportunity

You may be asking yourself,

"Owning your opportunity for what?!?

Something I have learned as a former softball athlete that played at the colligate level there is always an opportunity to own in the game and now as a Coach, Mom, Wife and business owner there is ALWAYS an opportunity to own in LIFE!

So, to keep it simple, this is me not only sharing personal motivational/wisdom cultivated from surviving trauma, overcoming adversity that changed my life, knowing what it takes to lose (not just the weight) but the crap that holds us back from reaching our personal goals but also to help you create a constructive routine that works for you to OWN your opportunity's in your life including your darkest days. I will be sharing my experiences as an Ultrasound tech for 17 years, how my family and I work together as a baseball and softball family and also as a former fastpitch athlete, a Coach of 24 years and counting, a business owner and founder of Kally V. Softball LLC but most importantly a momma of three and a coach's wife (#mrandmrscoachv #teamv) who does her best to show up ONE PITCH AT A TIME #opaat in all aspects of life knowing that God is with her every step of the way...even on my dark days.

It doesn't just stop there though!

On my podcast also I make sure to invite people who are not only adding value to the game as a current athlete but also a coach that is doing the same while leading with love and mentoring multiple athletes. I even bring on special guest speakers who are currently coaching teams, running their instructor businesses and also those who have played and are currently playing professional fastpitch softball all across the United States!

The past 3 weeks have been pure fire with getting to sit and chat and record official episodes with Danielle Rubin Owner and Founder of DR3 Fastpitch and also Ashley Egel formerly Ashley Burkhardt Owner and Founder of Ashley B. Training and former Professional NPF player for the Dallas Charge!

Also, during these past weeks I have been blessed to have Quality Pre-Game Chats with,

CJ Beatty TSM Owner and Founder, Kerri Foster Owner and Founder of Fosters Fastpitch and preparing to record my next episode with new Momma and current professional Fastpitch Athlete for The SIS Vipers, Chelsea Gonzales on as a Guest Speaker as she is preparing to head into her second season as a Viper, this time with her mini me.

And tomorrow I am excited to share with you all I will be a guest speaker on

"When the Cleats Come off" hosted by Ashley Egel (Burkhardt) and I am very excited for this opportunity...TO OWN!

Below I have included the links to listen and/or watch my most recent Special Guest Podcast Episodes.

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My podcast is available on multiple platforms, even Spotify!

Also, for my visual people, the LIVE recordings are over on my Youtube channel, so be sure to subscribe!


-Coach Kally V.

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