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Why Bother Building a Solid Foundation in Your Daughters Pitch?

If your daughter has worked with me before you know that this is something I firmly believe in.

Infact its the basis of my teaching. I love starting new pitchers from the ground up as well as when working with pitchers that have pitched for a while!

There are so many negative micro mechanics which are unhealthy mechanics that get missed when a pitcher throws strikes.

Why bother adding life and VALUE to her pitching career if she can throw a strike and throw HEAT!

Unfortunately, this is something I have seen far too often in my 2 in a half decade of being a pitching coach.

So why bother building or re-constructing a solid foundation in your daughter's pitch?

Here are my TOP three reasons why her foundation in pitching should be important to you as her parent.

  1. Softball will be over one day, and she will still hopefully have a lot of life to live.

One example that I use with my pitchers is being able to play catch with their future kids. This hits home because my mom (who was also one of my coaches) played softball growing up and she was also an All-State Volleyball player in highschool. Little did she know that a new coach would come on staff her Senior year of high school and this coach was unfortunately driven by ego to change everything healthy about my mom's serve. So much so that my mom wasn't able to play catch with me but maybe 5 times before her shoulder would start hurting.

Believe it or not your daughters mechanics should be healthy, and her coaches should care about how she moves for her TODAY and TOMORROW.

2. If a bad, negative, health debilitating mechanic is performed over and over again an injury can happen that could be career ending.

I will never forget one of my pitchers sharing with me her witnessing one of her teammates pitching, who prematurely open to third base in her load and reach to get "sideways" quickly (planting at 3 o'clock vs 2:30) completely buckle on her front side and blow out her left (pull side) knee. GUESS WHAT...this didn't happen in one pitch. Her Medical team said it happened over time each time she pitched with unhealthy, debilitating mechanics.

Needless to say, my pitcher who witnessed this was like Coach, now I get it!

I saved the best for last!!!

3. It helps them GROW through their GROWTH spurts.

With a solid foundation in their pitching, they will be able to grow through moments when they can't throw a strike or even having a bad day on the mound. Growth spurts are like snipers. One day your daughter is lights out and then overnight something changes, and she doesn't know what is up with her pitch. KEEP IT SIMPLE and remember with her soldi foundation in her pitching mechanics she will grow through this to her next level.

BONUS TIP: By having a solid foundation in her mechanics of pitching she will carry this over to other aspects of her game as well as her life!

If you would like your daughter to train with KVS please book your FREE Virtual Call here by clicking the button below.

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