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Athlete Spotlight: Norah Kennelly Scrappers Fastpitch 14U

Confidence isn’t something that is created overnight. In fact in some of our most challenging moments we feel like we lose it in a split second. This is where the practice of our craft comes through for us; because with practice builds confidence. Practice also teaches us how to push past the feeling of losing vs learning!

Confidence isn't created through the practice of false wishes or desires to be great and it sure as heck isn't going to happen over night...a lot like success!

It is a direct relationship to the practice that one puts into their craft and with that practice of what it feels like to do something correct over and over again. It is owning that practice where our BIG things come into fruition! #bigpicture

This past weekends performance on the mound was by far one of my one

on one athletes, Norah Kennelly’s most memorable and dominating moments on the mound!

She not only managed every ball hit back at her but she also had a .000 ERA!

She literally gave up 4 hits all weekend and got 3 WINS! She also threw a NO-HITTER on Saturday! If you read my last Athlete Spotlight you know that I am a firm believer in Pitchers can’t win games by themselves let alone throw No-Hitters.


They the (Pitchers) have to have complete buy-in from their got my back I got your back mentality and lets not forget about being contagious in a good way! Norah was so contagious this past weekend! Ya know to be the teammate you want to have!