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Building a Solid Foundation in Your Pitchers Pitch

Why bother worrying about any of this, especially as a pitcher that can throw strikes?

For starters, if you as the pitcher or your daughter is in the beginning stages of pitching, LEARNING what to feel and HOW to move with Healthy Movement patterns should TRUMP throwing strikes or getting the ball across the plate.

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If people continue being results satisfied while someone is learning how to pitch with negative debilitating movement patterns, we are not creating a safe and healthy career for our pitchers. Last time I checked softball will be over and then they are left with what, chronic pain or even worse having to get surgery because they were never taught how to move with healthy movement patters that feed into their GROWTH.

GROWTH is PART of the process, and it is something that MUST happen. The best way to go through something is to GROW through it. Unfortunately, when pitchers lack a proper opportunity to be taught a solid foundation in their pitching, they will hit a growth spurt with zero Grace Space, feel defeated, create NEGATIVE DEBILITATING mechanics that rob them of their success right now, their future success and even worse quit due to an injury that could have been avoided or reduced or even quit because it gets too hard to learn how to move with healthy movement patterns...all because when she was 10- 12 years old she threw strikes and threw fast but no one knew anything about pitching other than getting a strike called.

I know it's a lot to digest...all of that from not learning the Healthy way to move for a successful, long career and not to mention be able to function when softball is over.

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I know there are a lot of "Beginners Pitching things" out there but did you know that the

KVS Online Beginners Course was specifically designed based off of OVER 2.5 in a half DECADES of being a pitching coach, having HEALTHY clients for years while highlighting the SPECIFIC Healthy Movement patterns that your pitcher will need to embrace in order to gain more speed, keep batters off balance, play in college and more importantly be able to go through their growth spurts with grace.

Did you know that the KVS Online Beginners Course is specifically designed with the solid foundational movement patterns for you as a parent or a coach to help your pitcher learn to GROW with throughout her pitching career.

Get your pitcher started on building her solid foundation in pitching to GROW with or to re-set movement patters with LIFE-TIME ACCESS click on the button below and get started today!

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