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FEBRUARY Pop-Up Pitching Clinic

Updated: Feb 1




I am still going to open up my doors to 2 clinics 1 for the Beginner Pitchers and one for the Experienced Pitchers that are not playing high school (see specific article in the AIA 2023 Rules or ask your school Athletic Director) for more details.

Since we are about to be submerged into high school softball season and in AZ travel ball for young ladies that are playing high school softball they go dark, the pitchers cannot do any type of group training.

Per Article:

AIA 2023 Rules if a pitcher trains outside of team school practice they have to train with someone (including their catcher) that isn't part of their team.


One specifically for beginners:

This includes girls that would like to get started, that are transitioning from slow pitch pitching to fastpitch pitching and have never pitched in a game. (this one tends to fill up really fast!)

One specifically for Intermediate to Advanced:

This is for girls that have been pitching in games, pitching at least 2 years, who have at least 2 pitches and/or are working on the second one and are ready to start learning more while increasing speed.

**It is important to know that a full clinic is capped at 8 pitchers per clinic.