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“She has helped Gianna grow leaps and bounds over the years into a very successful softball player.”

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Coach Kally Vander Valk has worked with our daughter for the last eight years with what started out as her pitching coach. But, over the years has been so much more! Coach Kally has been a highly respected pillar in our community over the years and has worked with many of our youth that were interested in playing ball. As an athlete herself, teammate, mama, and coach, Kally has the experience needed, that makes how she coaches, so relatable to her athletes.

She has been a solid foundation, for our daughter to build into a successful pitcher, teammate, student and person. Kally has been a valued constant for our daughter during these growing years as an athlete and young adult. She has worked with Gianna since she was 7 years old who is now 15 and playing varsity level as a freshman.

Kally carefully crafts each pitching session as such that it fits the uniqueness of the athlete. She gives out just enough information and works at certain levels that does not overwhelm the athlete all at once. Becoming an effective pitcher does not happen over night and there is more to it than just the pitch. Kally understands this and works with the athletes on many other important facets of the game. Kally understands and advises on how to handle the physical and mental demand that comes with the game.

She has helped Gianna grow leaps and bounds over the years into a very successful softball player. Gianna has much respect and admiration for Coach Kally I am sure that they will continue the journey together long after Gianna’s softball career is over.

Kally is more than just a coach. She is an advisor, confidant, mentor, cheerleader, and biggest fan of anyone that is fortunate enough to work with her.

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