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Pop Up Pitching Clinic Schedule! Jan-Feb-Mar 2024

Updated: Apr 5




Happy New Year!

THANKS to You and Your daughter wanting to build a healthy foundation in pitching and/or wanting to add to their pitching foundation, KVS is continuing to offer the

Pop-Up Pitching Clinics in the year 2024!


Based off of 2023:

***I am still going to open up my doors to 2 clinics!! I am Super excited to keep this rolling out throughout the New Year in hopes to help as many girls as I can build a better and solid foundation in their pitch!

Note that if your daughter is a high school aged pitcher in the state of Arizona and she is going to be playing high school softball for her high school team she can only participate in one : one training with me (see specific article in the AIA 2023 Rules or ask your school Athletic Director) for more details.

If you would like your daughter to work with Coach Kally V. one on one please click the button below to book your FREE Virtual Game Plan Call!

Please note that with two different times for clinics, your daughter may be asked to go into either the 9:30am or the 12:00pm session, depending on registration numbers for each clinic session. You as the parent will be notified via text and email with the information you provided upon your registration for the PUPC.

PLEASE NOTE: you will be notified as early THURSDAY before the clinic. FRIDAY at 5pm will be the ABSOLUTE latest I will notify you of any changes.

This is my best attempt to accommodate the growing numbers of pitchers wanting to participate in my POP-UP PITCHING Clinics while also making sure that they are not only having a GREAT experience, but they are getting the most out of the session! Hence why I cap the enrollment at 8 pitchers per each session. Just click on the registration and payment link button below to get your daughters spot booked.


Since we will be full speed into high school softball season and in AZ travel ball for young ladies that are playing high school softball, they go dark, the pitchers cannot do any type of group training.

Per Article:

AIA 2023 Rules if a pitcher trains outside of team school practice they have to train with someone (including their catcher) that isn't part of their team.


**It is important to know that a full clinic is capped at 8 pitchers per clinic.

So spots are limited!

Looking to save on Clinic cost? Be sure to sign up for the KVS Membership!

There are 3 to choose from and I know there is ONE that will fit your needs but also your daughters needs as she will receive the drill work via video from each clinic and depending on your daughters goals, she will have the option to not only receive the drill work to work on but also receive video and audio feedback personally from me!

If you would like to lock in a discounted rate PLUS help your daughter REACH her PITCHING Goals, be sure to click this button below and choose from the Bronze, Silver and Gold KVS Pitching Membership to better serve your daughter's needs as a pitcher striving to build a solid pitching foundation in her pitch!


With the 2 CLINICS there are policy and procedures that will be implemented and followed accordingly.

UPDATES as of 3/18/23

1. All registrations must be completed by 5pm on the THURSDAY before the Saturday of each Clinic. For this month: Thursday 3/30/23 (for 4/1) and Thursday 4/6/23  (for 4/8)

(If you have questions, please contact me)

Subscribe Here

***A good way to stay informed as to what each month’s schedule will be is to subscribe to my website as well as my social media platforms which is located on my website.


By subscribing to my website, you will be informed of the Pop-Up Pitching Clinic Schedule before it drops on my social media platforms on the 1st of each month!

2. In order to complete your daughter’s registration and lock her place in for the clinic,

 the clinic (registration) form must be filled out along with payment in full.

3. From now on, ALL payments are made in one place now, through my website!

As of 1/1/2023 Kally V. Softball LLC is no longer accepting payment through, Venmo, PayPal or Zelle. Payment can be made by clicking BOOK my daughter’s spot.

4. Both clinics will be capped at 8 pitchers per clinics.

**It is important to know that there may be times where I combine both clinics due to registration numbers.

**For Example: If only 3 pitchers are signed up in one clinic and 3 in another, the clinic will then be combined and you as the parental unit will be notified.

YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED as Early as the Thursday before the clinic and at the Latest the Friday before the clinic VIA EMAIL and TEXT!!!

5. Clinic times will be as follows:

Session A: 9:30am-11am

Session B: 2:00pm-1:30pm

Each girl receives a journal, and we have a "Break Out Session."

I also give each athlete a specific drill specifically for them to help them grow and build a better foundation in their pitch.

Want more out of this experience for your daughter?

Don't forget to join the KVS Pitching membership!

>>REMEMBER if you join the KVS Pitching Membership you will receive a discount on the PUPC's your daughter will receive the drills that we did as well as depending on which membership you sign up for, she will receive the option to send Coach Kally V. videos of her doing the drill and then receive feedback via video and audio to keep your daughter PROGESSING in her PROCESS of building a solid foundation in her pitch!


⚠️Spots are limited: you can register NOW! 

👉Mark your calendars!


🥎POP-PITCHING Pitching Clinic!

⚠️Beginning of the YEAR!

⚠️New Month!

⚠️New goals!

⚠️New adjustments!

⚠️New YEAR!

⚠️New tools!

😊🥎Pop-up pitching clinic is Locked and loaded💪🥎💪 


EARLY Access to those that Subscribe to my website! It's simple just create an account by clicking on log in

⚠️SPOTS ARE LIMITED in each clinic!

Clinics are located at: 😉@ The Arizona Batting Club #azbc (formerly Extra Innings East Valley)



No cleats, indoor shoes, NO VANS - athletic shoes or turfs please!!

🥎If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly @ 4802720743

❤️🥎❤️ Coach Kally V.

CEO Kally V. Softball LLC #newyear #happynewyear

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