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COACH! What to do when your female athletes go through puberty (AND MORE)

Let me be 100 percent transparent with you, I re-typed the title to this many times.

Why, you might ask...well because I didn't want to demonstrate any embarrassment or shame with this topic but more so the truth as to what will happen when your female athlete starts her period.

It's going to happen at some point as a Coach of female athletes, either for the

first time or the not so favorite accident...when they bleed through to the outside of their their white pants I might add! ((BONUS ACTION PLAN)) can be found in the latest podcast episode!

As a female coach of female athletes, I never really thought to much as to how to handle the situation of my athletes starting for the first time or having a period accident.

Simply because I am a female.

Thanks to my KVS Community Podcast listeners and YouTube subscribers, and I can't leave out a BIG >> Kudos to a Coach Dad in my coaching program for reaching out and asking for help when this just happened to him, and he had no idea how to help her and even making the suggestion to have an episode to help coaches navigate this for when it happens.

In this blog I am going to share with you VALUE by way of my Podcast and YouTube channel! I will include the link to my latest podcast episode (if you haven't listened already) that goes even more into detail as to how you as a coach (Male or Female) prepare for this, what you do when your athlete has a period accident in white pants and I also share with you the contents of "The Girl Bag" with an action plan to create among your coaching staff. I also did a LIVE on my IG (posted) as well as on my YouTube channel just for you, THE COACH!!!

This girl bag contains, hairspray, a brush a comb, back up hair ties, pads and tampons and especially deodorant and body spray! This is just a third of what is in my "Girl Bag!"


Be ready to take notes watching and don't miss out on the podcast episode either!

There is a little something in the podcast as an early Christmas gift so that you can have the opportunity to get the gift that will keep giving to your daughter, it simple is the perfect tool to that she won't outgrow plus it will keep on growing with your kid!

If you would like to watch that tutorial of what all that I put in my "girl bag" and the why, please click on the button below. Also be sure to click the like button and subscribe to my channel for more value to add to your coaching toolbox, beyond the X's and the O's.

If you haven't listened to the latest podcast episode, you don't want to miss out on my latest episode as I share with you one of the BEST ways to help your athletes out when they have a "Red Alert" and how you as a coach can keep them from having to go get new pants or out of the game.

Be sure to grab a pen and something to write on, as you are going to want to take notes on this episode!


As always if you are interested in your daughter training with me,

BOOK YOUR FREE VIRTUAL GAME PLAN CALL to discover what would be the best way for her to train with me!

Online, Membership, Small Group Training or One on One and it all starts with a simple discovery call!

I hope you all have a safe day and if you are our and about trick or treating with your kiddos may it be filled with wonderful memories!


Coach Kally V.

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