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I know many of you that have worked with me know I love using a drag box for pitchers at any level to help them maintain an effective and healthy drag!

In fact, I even use the drag box for the pull side as well in the load.

Not only am I sharing with you one of my favorite tools to use when training pitchers but also how you can build one in this tutorial as well as my top three reasons to train with one!

KVS TOP THREE REASONS to train with a Drag Box:

  1. Establishes, builds and re- build (growth spurts) a healthy muscle memory/mechanic of dragging laces down or toes down. (can be used at any level of pitching)

  2. Keeps both the pull side and push side toes pointing to target when in load as applied to each foot in training.

  3. Increases a pitcher's consistency PLUS their longevity in healthy mechanics to have a long healthy career in pitching.

Click below to watch the tutorial of my husband and I building one...well mostly my husband, Coach V. I was just the videographer behind the scenes for most of the time!

Keep Owning it, One Pitch at a Time!

-Coach Kally V.

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