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I'm Thankful for...

Last night after a long day of traveling I found myself finally in a place to sit and gather my thoughts before what we all know as Thanksgiving but for me it's a day of gathering together.

As I sit here visiting my parents, typing from the dining room table, I stop and look up.

What do I see? I see my oldest son who is home from college cooking with my mom, and my daughter in awe that she is now taller than my mom. I see my husband and my middle son relaxing on the couch from a long day of travel. Watching my dad come in the door from work. I have a moment of taking a screenshot.

This morning as I woke up at 4:00am but truly got out of bed at 4:36am, brushed my teeth, drank my water while swallowing my prebiotic, then got ready to workout...I was excited about today because we were going to see family!! However, I am not a good packer at all, and I started to feel a bit of anxiety coming on as I was finally looking at my suitcase. My husband and my middle son were cracking jokes because I was literally taking stuff out of my suitcase and then putting stuff back in. I know in the moment I didn't think I was thankful for my husband and his understanding with me in my moment of a true spas attack over packing...looking at him across the room right now I am hit with a 2x4 of gratitude!

I am so thankful for my family and even thankful for my husband's sense urgency of time; cause Lord knows I am not made that way.

If you are a mom and you are reading this and you are the type of mom that see's 10 minutes until you have to, like really have to leave the house as an opportunity to throw some clothes in the washer, load the dishwasher and even sweep a bit only to find that you swept right past the time you were supposed to be leaving...YOU ARE MY PEOPLE!

Because of him and our oldest son we made it safely. Because of him and the kids the Tahoe was loaded and ready to go, because of him he made his mom so happy today!

This year has been an up-hill battle for my mother-in-law, but by the Grace of God she is Breast Cancer Free! Watching my husband embrace his mom and our children embrace their grandma was a moment I plugged into my brain. I am so Thankful for that moment and for her being the woman my husband needed to raise him into the man he is today.

I am beyond thankful for the guy I get to call my husband and do this life with!

It is my greatest wish for you that you are able to have a moment to take a screen shot over the next couple of days as many of us come together for Thanksgiving, to me what seems like the annual day where everyone stops and thinks about what they are grateful for, pardons discretions, and truly looks through a different lens then the one they have looked through all year long.

To me this time of year is a reminder to not wait until Thanksgiving to be thankful but at the same time, not think that because you are doing it right now it makes you any different.

An attitude of gratitude has no expiration date!

SO why wait until next year to feel Thankful?

Why not start doing it a little bit each day?

See how much more you feel this time next year!

Thank you all for being a part of the BIG PICTURE here at Kally V. Softball!

Have a beautiful day!

From my Team V. to yours Happy Thanksgiving!

-Coach Kally V.

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