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Mondays are for Online Lessons and UPDATES!

Right now, at KVS Mondays are for Online Lessons, no joke "hypothetically speaking" KVS goes to California, Arizona, New York, Washington and Canada all in one day! That's right, KVS is international baby!

With Summertime (school break) coming in a matter of days KVS will have more opportunities to serve the multiple softball communities through online lessons.

INFACT, KVS will be hosting an EXCLUSIVE LIVE Summer 6-week Online Training!

Just complete this form here to be added to the list and you will be THE FIRST to get the official Registration Form!

Check this video I made highlighting one of my online clients in California!

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NEW Partnering Product "aka" affiliation link to share with you all as well!

As of last week, KVS is now partnered up with SpinDr and officially has a discount code to offer you! FUN FACT about Spin: This increases speed!

Just click here to purchase your daughter one of my favorite spin tools!

If you don't know what this AMAZING Spin increaser is WATCH this below!




I am grateful to have the opportunity and platform to share with you almost 30 years of coaching experience and 18 years of playing experience! Making that a whopping 48-year total being in this game as a pitcher either as an athlete, a coach or a mentor from rec ball, little league, travel ball, high school, the college level and professionally through KVS LLC!

Whether it's through the KVS online beginner's course, the multiple KVS Pitching Memberships, KVS Coordinated Coaching Mentorships, LIVE training at your facility, LIVE online training, In person in small group training and even One on One training!

I'm excited to own this opportunity and teach you how to OWN IT too! #opaat

If you aren't working with KVS and would like to know what to do to get started, let's start by booking your FREE Virtual game plan call. Super simple, just click on this link

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