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September 1st and What it means to Your Daughter

Well, if you have liked any softball pages and or followed them on the gram or maybe you are a part of any softball fb groups, you are aware of what "September 1st" means in the colligate softball world or maybe you aren't.

This is the day that EVERY college bound softball player looks forward to, especially as a Junior in High School! Coaches from any division of college can COMMUNICATE with her about their interest in her as well as make her an offer.

Does that mean that every girl is going to hear from a coach/college? Not necessarily.

For more information on this feel free to check out my source by clicking the button below!

So, your daughter didn't hear from anyone...well hang on to your britches Mom and Dad, this is where we as parents get to ride shot gun, front and center with you daughter as they navigate this and hopefully you have a valuable coach who is helping all of you navigate this as a team!

PS: Lean into this adversity by listening to her, not writing a narrative as to those coaches aren't ready for you, you are too good for not and I REPEAT... DO NOT make this a moment to teach your daughter how to be a victim!
If your daughter doesn't receive communication from a coach/school, don't sweat it!
Infact, I want to challenge you to challenge her to re visit her "Why she wants to play college ball" as well as her top 10 schools that align with her degree of study.

Either way, communication or no communication use this opportunity to show her how to keep pursuing her goals and her dreams!

If she doesn't have her why written down, set some time aside on a weekend and help her lean into this. Keep in mind this is going to change as it will be a "living document."

Her why her freshman year may differ from her junior year. Which is why I highly recommend that you visit her why seasonally. (alleged with her softball seasons).

Next thing you want to do with her is have her write down her top 30 schools. Once she does that, start narrowing it down to10 schools that she would want to play at but here is the catch...they have to align with her educational goals.

When you align her degree with the schools this will help her be more realistic.

Example: if she wants to be an ultrasound tech and play at OU you would need to see if their BA of Science has an Ultrasound program.

If not then she can move on to the next school....KEEP IT SIMPLE!

If you find this to be difficult and need more ways of narrowing schools down, have discussion about how far she is willing to travel.

Another great way to put her wants into perspective in hopes to align with her goals!

If you give this exercise a try with your daughter, you will see how not only she starts to see more clearly but you do too!

Let me know how it goes!

Oh, and I already know what you are thinking...but Coach at what age do I do this?

Do it from the time she says she wants to play college ball. Start with her why, then move into where and then as she gets older her understanding and commitment will evolve, again it's a living document!

Here is to a GREAT September 1st for everyone!

-Coach Kally V.

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