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Should KVS bring the Pop-Up Pitching Clinics Back & a POLL!

Updated: Jun 26

Hello friends!

As Subscribers to KVS I wanted to get your opinion FIRST!

Who's ready for some Pop-Up Pitching Clinics?

If so, would you please let me know by answering below?

But first...

Did you know that KVS has Pitching Memberships??

YES, and there are three specific pitcher's memberships and they ALL come with a discount to the Pop-Up Pitching Clinics.

Two of the memberships also have video breakdown with feed-back plus drills!

***button to become a KVS pitching member is below:


HEY Coach!

Did you know that the KVS has a membership for Coaches?

The KVS Coordinated Coaching Membership gives you access to Coach Kally V,

monthly Masterminds,

PLUS, you are connected to coaches from all over the world

at different levels of coaching as well as other Instructors!

***the button to become a KVS Coordinated Coaching Member is below


Don't forget to get your daughter signed up for the KVS Pitching Membership.

This is a GREAT way to not only keep your daughter growing as pitcher, discounts on all things pitching (YES Discount Codes)

AND Mom, Dad even Coach, can grow along-side of her!

One Pitch at a Time!

Just click on the button below!

**Answer the POLL here:

Would you like your daughter to attend the KVS Pop Up Pitching Clinics?

  • Yes

  • No

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