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With Summer in full effect now is the time to start building a consistent schedule in your pitcher's practice. Some of you have attended my POP-UP Pitching Clinics and have asked about the next step, like what happens after your daughter has itched her "itch to pitch" and she loves it!

Do you keep coming to the Saturday POP-UP Pitching Clincs?

You can but I would like to invite you to see what happens when your daughter has access to weekly training with me in a small group with no more than 4 pitchers.

On top of consistent weekly training, she will also receive:

Video/Audio breakdown,

Journal assignments

Specific Mechanics assignments

Group comradery



I currently already have a couple small group running and I am looking to add some pitchers to those groups along with 2 NEW Small Groups for Beginners and Experienced Pitchers.

If this is something that you think your daughter would benefit from, please subscribe to my website to Book your FREE GAME PLAN call with me. This will allow me to see how I can serve your daughter and help her reach her pitching goals. We will also discuss which day as well as times the beginner's group and the experienced group will be meeting.

In the meantime, keep working on the micro moves of your pitch in order to allow the macro moves to happen correctly. (Don't ever overlook drill work!)

I look forward to talking with you on how I can help your daughter OWN Her GREATNESS through working in my small group trainings!

-Coach Kally V.

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